Monday, 4 April 2011


Coloured Denim have been in vogue for quite a long time but i have never really fancied them strangely, i've always preferred the conventional blue jeans fashion whether dark or light blue and of course,black jeans too,But recently i've totally fallen in love with Coloured Denims (primary colours) Yea! All the bright coloured denim, they just make you look super girlie, puts you on the spot light whether you have a boring top on or not,it simply accentuates your look.

 I'm not just into ordinary jeans with primary colours but ones with skinnier cuts, energized with cute details like zips or fun buttons...rock star know(winks)

                                                                 Admire them.....

Awwh i love Kim K's Louboutin Boots

WOW Ci-Ci those shoes!!

 These are so fetch!! I can't wait to try this trend.....If you have to rock coloured denim too, make sure you do so with a cute top or a jacket if necessary and some fab shoes. Keep it Hot!! 


  1. I love colored denim!Rihanna's look is def one of my favs(: she pulls off everything well!

  2. yea Lyrica don't they just rock

  3. i think colored denim are so cool!
    and they can be dressed up or down
    my fave is the green in the last pic...


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