Sunday, 14 November 2010


 Yea,i know i've totally abandoned this blog...i had promised to come back on,but i failed to keep that promise...long story! keep your fingers crossed though...but let me just hit straight to fashion today...

So who's rocking a leopard bag??? if you aren't,you should...the canvas printed leather and pony skin are the textures to look out for,i don't fancy the high shine leather cos they'll look!but yea!...i love leopard purses cos you can wear them with anything from evening to everyday look and clashing of patterns isn't really a problem...there are the chain handles and leather straps..etc....however,below are a few leopard print bags i just adore.....

There are beautiful right?..............Remain fabolous .....................xoxo

Saturday, 9 October 2010


This is a story of a talented young lady who has had a lifelong dream to  become  a movie star someday, a wish to get a stroke of luck to show her talent
to the world, an aspiration to climb to the top in the Nigerian movie industry (nollywood as they call it). As time went by, she leaves her job in the Corporate world to chase her dream in entertainment, starting off getting trained at an acting school, just to get the touch of professionalism, because if you should 
ask me, I'd say she already has an excellent acting talent and was already born a movie star.

As time went by, she is finally faced with a shot at her dream, she gets a role 
in a soap, she got a chance to even be on set, you know with the lights on, the cameras rolling, the chance to be the centre of attention, even though for a minute, everyone one would like that even though your passion is not the same with hers, but the result of the camera rolling is the distribution of her works across the nation and abroad for fans of such productions to see, hence her dream in the making.

Now on set of the soap production, just some days back, she experienced her first discrimination. After shooting her first scene, she was told she was too young to play the role, she could not believe that, as there were girls her age also on set, a lot of them. She broke down and wanted to know the real reason she could not suddenly play the part she had already filmed for, having already counted herself extremely lucky enough to get that role, she did not think she could just be cut out just like that.

Finally the truth was told, apparently the director of the soap who is one of the prominent actors in Nollywood recently turned Director said he was not satisfied with her looks..TRANSLATION » "she is not beautiful enough" to play the role of a receptionist, she was immediately replaced. She cried her eyes out and could not have a look at herself in the mirror, feeling ugly and hurt, that it was not her acting or elocution that deprived her of that role but simply because of her looks despite her ability to interpret the role perfectly well.

Eventually after several pleas from other actors there, she was given back the role. However, some of her scenes were still given to the other girl, she had refused to take back the role for a second but firmly decided that this man cannot bring her down, cannot kill her dream for this may just be a means of bursting out. Though she was emotionally hurt that even in getting close to her dream, she was discriminated in front of all those other persons often present at movie sets, I mean do you know what it feels like for one to say you are not beautiful enough to do the one thing you are so passionate about?

Despite all the hurt and depression, from that day she got her role back and decided that she would get up and prove herself, she would never give up no matter what, nothing can ever kill her dreams, she refuses to be impeded. Hilary Swank star of 'million dollar baby' was told she was not beautiful enough but she still made it and even won an Oscar for a film. Nigerian Actress Uche Jumbo was in the middle of a shoot when she was told she could not go on because of her looks but today as God would have it she is one of the prominent actresses in Nollywood.
.This young lady has decided to put this behind her and move on, she will not stop till she gets where she wants to be so she can look him in the eye and say "talent fore runs beauty afterall".

It is so good to know that they are people like this out there who so much believe in themselves, in their abilities and have so much confidence coupled with the believe in making it, and truly she will some day. With God all things are possible, and he that created us wants the best for us, no man can stop our shine. This goes to all of you out there chasing that dream and paper, as you climb that ladder of destiny, let no man bring you down. KEEP YOUR DREAMS ALIVE!!

Saturday, 2 October 2010


So I'm lauching my blog today 2nd October 2010...and special dedication goes to Funky wills,my other siblings,my mama,my boyfriend and my popa who inspired me to write,even though its basically just a daily expression of my busy mind which may irk,I mean of course stuff like this may either be irritating to some,boring to some or quite interesting..but its not even important,the basic thing is ! Awwwh! I finally set up my blog page..its gonna be my public diary,my impression on life,fashion,politics,sports,relationship/love,friendship,entertainment(music,movies),come away with me!