Saturday, 29 January 2011


OH!! OH!!...i've been away for quite a while yet again...but hey,i've always
had so much to blog about,yet no time...busy get it started again..


Hairbands are in thesedays.Well,when are they not,right!?enough thanks to
Alice(in wonderland)we still can't get enough.Oh and not the common ugly
or plain and not so cool hair bands though i mean the ones that make you
stand out.I see a lot of celebs wearing hairbands with just about every detail
possible — from small diamond studs to huge cloth flowers made out of silk
or the net like Rihanna wears thesedays on her red hair which i admire so much
(the hairnet that is).Mind you, though, BOWS are very essential details on those
hairbands...i dig i like...

 Just when i thought my black super sized bow hairband was so cute,i
still see some i itch for...well,you know what they say,a girl really can't
get enough of fashion accessories.......
 There is Rihanna wearing a hair net that is tied into a bow,this is just
creative and could just get the look by buying a cute net,tie
around your head and make a double knot as if wrapping a
 Rihanna wearing another bow hairband
 Cheryl Cole rocks a checked red bow hairband here too

Rihanna complimenting the rock chic look with a funky bow black hair band
This is an Asos washed denim bow hairband..............i like that its in denim
wow! Rihanna sure loves the look,she wears another net hairband in red(bow tied)this time
to match her hair colour,crazy girl..but i love her cos she has great STYLE.

 ....and this would be my personal fave....i just love stars,skulls and cross bones
and that being the print on this hairband...i like....i love.
                                                            XOXO....ROCK PRINCESS!


  1. Surround us with light, the light of divine,
    Embrace us with love of perfection so fine.
    Give us the music, so we can dance,
    And chant a song to enter a trance.

    ...thanks!...sweet sugar.

  2. i love this.....i want

  3. rock princess a.k.a blog babes

  4. i love the denim and the nets...go riri


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