Wednesday 22 July 2020


Depending on the cut, a suit can be extremely flattering - or not. Every cut is different, and it is important to pay attention to those nuances when shopping for one. Find the right look for your shape with this guide: 

Wear a V-neck shirt or undo a few buttons on your blouse. Flashing some décolletage prevents an overly boxy effect.

Choose suits with silhouette - too much volume will overwhelm your frame.


Wide-leg trousers are balanced on tall girls. Cropped pants should hit just about 2 inches above the ankle - the length should look intentional, not like you outgrew them.

A well-cut, body-hugging jacket that ends at the waist highlights your slimmer top half. Flared pants down play wide hips.

Go for a sleek, streamlined suit. Your jacket should be tailored and trim and hit at the hips. Straight cut pants that fall to the bottom of your heel look best.

A chic blazer is indispensable as part of your maternity wardrobe. The styling options are endless - throw on over jeans & tees, add a poised edge to dresses, or button up over your office ensemble.

You can have a streamlined silhouette even with a changing belly shape. Go for a single-button blazer that closes just under the bust.

To create form fitted, structured casual and power suits in a wide range of colors and designs, contact DARA CHIC STUDIO (


Thursday 16 July 2020


Regardless of the numerous fashion trends in the world that most shoppers strive to keep up with, it is important to learn the value of a versatile wardrobe. No matter how tempting it is to buy the latest trend items, it is much more beneficial to build a versatile wardrobe.

I encourage shopping consciously by investing in fashionable and functional pieces. You should be able to create multiple outfits with fewer clothes. 

"Items that you can repeatedly wear and style into different outfits are what will keep you going and let you build your own iconic style."
At Dara Chic Studio (IG:, I designed a sheer coat with delicate blossom prints that is versatile in not one, but three ways:

Worn as kimono:

Worn as dress 

Worn as pool/beach loungewear:


Wade into the sheer fashion by incorporating this versatile coat into your wardrobe rotation.

CONTACT Dara Chic Studio HERE to order one or two 😘. 



Tuesday 14 July 2020


I am delighted to announce the re-launch of my blog and to introduce my fashion brand DARA CHIC STUDIO. My first collection - BOSS COLLECTION launched in February 2020 featuring sharp tailored feminine suiting with uniquely expressive cut and superior finish. 

DARA CHIC women are those who maintain their femininity but want to incorporate versatile and timeless pieces, commonly found in menswear, into their wardrobes creating a personal style that tells a story.

The BOSS COLLECTION is dedicated to every busy woman on top of her game who wants to look like the best, most powerful version of herself. No matter your line of work, a suit is a wardrobe staple. Whether you want to elevate your office wear, are opting for a relaxed daytime look paired with sneakers or donning a sleek tuxedo, you cannot underestimate the versatility of a suit.

Look 1 - Checkmate
Always play to win in this checkered double breasted jacket and pants.

Look 2 - Wear your stripes
This short sleeve jacket and mini skirt strikes the perfect balance between elegance and sensual.

Look 3 - Metallic Chic

Shine in this metallic silk finish jacket and pencil cropped pants.

Look 4 - Fearless 
Let your inner strength speak for itself in this fearless animal inspired suit. 

Look 5 - Boardroom Angel
Show up to work in this white three-piece pinstripe suit and let them know you mean business.

Look 6 - Joie de Vivre
All work and no play is no good. A casual yet bossy look for the woman who refuses to fit in. The floral prints makes it vacation perfect.

Look 7 - Printsessa
A playful spin on suit smart. Go creative in bold bright prints with a crisp white shirt.

Look 8 - Valerie
The details shine. For evening elegance, dress up in this silk finish blazer dress but keep the tough edge with padded shoulders.

Dara Chic aims at  impeccably framing the female silhouette while creating strong powerful sculpted looks with feminine subtleties using virgin wool, cashmere, silk giving an elegant and classic character. 

The construction process encompasses an attentive and gradual process of craftsmanship and an understanding of design, technical construction, balance and flair that is unparalleled.

For orders and more info, contact DARA CHIC STUDIO HERE.

Whatever your style is, there is a suit for you. 💋


Wednesday 13 January 2016


Kelly Rowland looked amazing in this Charbel Zoe black illusioned lace embellished dress she wore to a Golden Globes Party.

Rock Approved!