Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I'm sure few people have heard about her already; RITA ORA, a new R&B,Pop and Soul artiste.
I usually don't crush on female artistes easily except for my CIARA and TEYANA TAYLOR, uh those two(love love em'')..and ANGELA SIMMONS of course, who is not a musician but these ladies got style,they are cute and kinda seem like people who if they were not sha up there would be my besties.. but Hey! anything is possible abi?lol...

On the otherhand, I love Rihanna's style,she takes alot of fashion risks and she is obviously very fearless when it comes to dressing up. I also like Blake Lively, cos her real life fashion is so much sophisticated and elegant, she is a young fashionista. I must say i love Kim Kardashian's style as well,a lot actually,i would totally raid her wardrobe, she is a blazer/jacket whore too and so am i..damn! i'm getting carried away talking fashion. That's a sign,I should do Women and Men's fashion soon of Celebs with Great Style.

Oh well, Rita Ora got signed to ROC NATION quietly by Jay-Z in 2009 but i think this is her year,IJN.lol She is influenced by Gwen Stefani and they kinda look alike i think. Beyonce is her idol and Mentor as well of course being signed by Bey's Hubby she must be, besides that Beyonce is just an Incredible artiste, i usually can never find the right words to describe that woman.oh no!! this is not a Beyonce post, did i just type Beyonce again? Oops! Back to Rita,she is just 21. I adore her so much, the cute face, her style(absolutely) its funky&chic and that's exactly how i define my personal style, most times she throws on just anything and still looks fab. Most Importantly..i love her music.

Here is RITA ORA.....My new darling...lol

R.I.P her track ft. Tinie Tempah was written by my boo, DRAKE.
 The song was originally intended for Rihanna who did not want it.Thank God though, her vocals would have ruined it (sorry RiRi Navy)..but that's the truth.
Another track is: ''How we do(Party)'' and other features..go listen
sorry couldn't post a link.

She and the BOSS

Blue denim,white tee,a fancy sunglasses and a cone of ice cream.CUTE

They kinda make a cute Couple! Oh no! i'd hate her if it ever happens..He is MINE!
Drake however wrote her song 'R.I.P'

Bitchy et Sexy

She is pretty no doubt

Same skirt as seen above..She does re-rocks her clothes..COOL
With Jay Z, during her track promo

Ah! i didn't want to post a lot of photos at least for now. I wish her a successful career,huge fan base, huge album sales,loads of music awards and Grammy's of course and also a drug free,less nudity, scandal-free career. She is def gon blow bigger. Watch out RiRi.......lol.