Friday, 11 February 2011


Here's an Interesting fact: Snake venom is a complex mixture of proteins
and are stored in poison glands at the back of the head. Snake venom
is a highly modified saliva. In essence, snake venom is spit. Just as the
snake’s venom is found in the back of its head, that is exactly where you
will find the venom that poisons you. It’s just not called venom.It’s called
negative thoughts and beliefs.Yea that's what i'm actually referring to as
'venom' made more sense to use a snake venom as an example even
though i hate so much to talk about this creature.

Just as a snake’s venom renders its victim paralyzed,so does your negative
thoughts and beliefs. However in this case, the victim is you. Maybe you’ve
heard the saying…’We have met the enemy and the enemy is us’. Now a
snake doesn’t just go around biting and poisoning things just for the fun of it.
Either one of two things happen; the snake is either hungry or senses danger.
Humans on the other hand, ‘spit’ venom simply for sport. When I say ‘spit’,
I’m referring to what we say, to ourselves and to everyone we meet. We tell
ourselves a story (negative thoughts andmbeliefs), store it in the back of our
heads (venom) and then ‘spew’ it all over the place. And then we sit and
wonder why our world is the way it is. We don’t even realize that we are
poisoning ourselves.

We are detrimental to our own mental, physical, emotional& spiritual health.
Most people don’t like snakes(like me)but at least snakes are smart enough
NOT to poison themselves. We poison ourselves which in turn renders us
paralyzed(not physically),We say we want more, bigger and better; however,
we allow venom to gather in the back of our heads.The venom tells us that we
can’t, we shouldn’t, and we are not worthy. We allow this venom to keep us
from living a life of complacency. We stand on the brink of living our dreams
yet the venom in the back of our heads keeps us from moving forward.

Just as the ‘milking of a snake’ is an ongoing process, so is the milking of your
thoughts and beliefs. It will take practice upon practice upon practice. And just
as the person milking the snake gets bitten, you’ll be bitten as well. The key is to
collect as much anti-venom as possible and have it ready and available. YES!
there is an anti-venom for those thoughts and beliefs that poison your life.

And guess where it’s located? .............STOP Guessing,Its In Your Head.You
hold the venom AND the anti-venom in the same place.You just have to decide
which one to use...........Get rid of all negative thoughts today and start
dwelling in positivism.

Have a Great Weekend...


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  2. very very nice and enlightening! "milking your thoughts is an ongoing process"


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